Magnesium Sulfate Monohydrate Powder 31.8%

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    Manganese sulphate monohydrate in fertilizers can solve the problem of manganese deficiency in plants, which can affect root systems and photosynthesis, causing plants to turn yellow or white. we are Empowered by the sophisticated equipment and technology our product is pure and is favored by international famous brands due to its high performance. Don’t hesitate just add them to your ingredient purchase list.
    • Molecular Formula: MnSO4·H2O
    • CAS#.: 10034-96-5
    • Molecular Weight: 169.02
    • Grade: Fertilizer/Industrial, Agricultural Grade
    Items Units Standard
    Purity(MnSO4·H2O ) % 98 min
    Mn % 31.8 min
    Pb ppm 10 max
    Cd ppm 10 max
    As ppm 5 max
    Appearance Pale Pink Powder
    Particle Size:≥60 mesh % 99 min