Ferrous Sulfate Monohydrate Powder

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    • Use For Animals Feed
    • Adding Ferrous Sulphate in feed can effectively prevent illnesses such as iron-deficiency anemia, iron-deficiency lassitude, abnormal body temperature, etc. Iron sulphate monohydrate can also increase survival rate of livestock, improve its growth and development, strengthen its disease resistance. Meanwhile, ferrous sulphate can be used in water treatment, iron salts production, mordant, preservative and other industries.
    •  Use For Fertilizer :
    • Ferrous sulphate monohydrate is a common fertilizer additive as a supplement of Fe and a booster for the absorption of N, P elements for plants. As base fertilizer for soil, it can help to prevent diseases like flower chlorotic disorder; when used as foliar fertilizer with its solution, it can help to defense insect pests or diseases such as, chlorosis, cotton anthracnose, etc. The agriculture, lawn and horticulture, and turf management industries use ferrous sulfate monohydrate fertilizer to correct iron deficiency or iron deficiency in plants and soils, to eliminate moss, to reduce alkalinity, and as micronutrients in fertilizers.
    • Molecular Formula: FeSO4·H2O
    • CAS#.: 13463-43-9
    • Molecular Weight: 169.92
    Items Units Standard
    Purity (FeSO4·H2O) % 91.3 min
    Fe % 30 min
    Pb ppm 15 max
    Cd ppm 3 max
    As ppm 2 max
    Appearance Greyish-green Powder/Granular